Monday, December 15, 2014

Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day

Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day
1.          Make Others Safe to Speak-Up
2.          Make Decisions
3.          Communicate Expectations
4.          Challenge People to Think
5.          Be Accountable To Others
6.          Lead by Example
7.          Measure & Reward Performance
8.          Provide Continuous Feedback
9.          Properly Allocate and Deploy Talent
10.    Ask Questions, Seek Counsel
11.    Problems Solve: Avoid Procrastination
12.    Positive Enegy & Attitude
13.    Be a Great  Teacher
14.    Invest in Relationships
15.    Genuinely Enjoy Responsibilities    
                         (Forbes,    Leadership, 2013)

15 Ways To Identify Bad leaders    Mike Myatt (2012)
1.    Leaders who can’t see it, probably won’t find it
2.    When leaders fail to leas themselves
3.    Put-up or shup-up
4.    Beware the know-it-all
5.    When there’s a failure to communicate
6.    Its all about them
7.    Sing a little Kumbaya (without love)
8.    One size fits all leadership style
9.    Lack of focus
10.    Death of comfort zone
11.    Not paying attention to the consumer
12.    Get invested
13.    Not accountable
14.    It’s the culture stupid
15.     Show some chutzpa (absent courage)

Leaders need to be honest, have demostrated track record of success, be excellent communicators, place an emphasis on serving those they lead, be fluid in approach, have laser focus, and a bias towards action. If these traits are not possessed by your current leadership team, or your emerging leaders, you will be in for a rocky road ahead..

The best leader are focused on leading change and innovation to keep their organization fresh, dynamic dan growing.

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