Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Global Culture Generates World Unity

Fully Residential Schools International Symposium
Global Culture Generates World Unity - Puteri Resort Hotel, Melaka, 28 March 2012
YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad - Keynote Address

1. Europeans were warlike people. They had fought each other almost every year.

2. The Portugese conquered Malacca because they had better equipment and the Malays lost because they had no capable leaders.
In 1509, the Portugese first came to Malacca and they conquered Malacca in 1511.

3. Their culture was to acquire the land belonging to other people.

4. Europeans introduced their cultures when they conquered the world.

5. We have learnt many things from their cultures such as collecting tax and the money is for the people.

6. Malaysia is a country of many races. This is because of the British policy.

7. People now travel around the world.

8. Now people practise multi cultures.

9. Nowadays, the cultures are a mixture of cultures because we can’t stop people from travelling.

10. In the future the world will become more complex and there will be no purely ethnic race.

11. The development of the eastern countries such as Japan, China and Korea is very fast.

12. The economic structures of the world have changed.

13. The products of Japan have become dominant. The Japanese have also spread their cultures such as karaoke.

14. The Japanese eat raw fish. This Japanese culture has been spread all over the world.

15. Easrtern countries today are very rich. When they are rich, they travel around the world and some of them settle in the countries and introduce their cultures.

16. However, we must be careful about human rights in the west like a man marrying another man or a woman marrying another woman. The term ‘human rights’ is defined differently in the west and in the east.

17. In any society killing is a crime.

18. In today’s world, killing a person is a crime, but sometimes killing thousands of people is not considered a crime. This situation is wrong.

19. We reject killings . Lately certain countries have spread democracy by killing other people.

20. If you killed millions of people, they built statues to be respected by the current generation.

21. In the civilized world, killing people to solve the problems should not be practised.

22. To solve the problems, we should negotiate or have economic cooperation.

23. When the US invaded Iraq, they killed innocent people. Young people should believe that killing people is a crime. Young people should bring peace to the world.

By Sahiful Bahari Abd Rahman
Machang Science Secondary School

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