Monday, May 9, 2011


Executive Headship

Tim Royle
Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre

Where we are now

 11-18 mixed comprehensive
 1400 students
 Popular and heavily oversubscribed
 National Support School
 Specialist status Mathematics and Computing
 Training School
 Strong student voice
 £3.5 million building programme completed last year
 £6 million this year
 Sustained and continuous improvement

 Fifth headteacher in four years
 Poor OFSTED report
 Low levels of attainment
 Falling school roll
 Very experienced, stable teaching staff
 Low staff morale
 Heavily unionised
 Very mixed parental and community perceptions
 Outstanding reputation for innovatory work in ICT
 Governing body determined to improve the school
 Very attractive site


 An outstanding school that provides excellent opportunities for all students and staff to succeed, that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the community it serves, that works closely with partners, is safe and is an enjoyable place to work and learn


 Creative, strong and decisive leadership
 Relentless emphasis on teaching and learning
 High priority to continuous staff development and improvement
 Empowered managers
 Empowered students
 Rigorous self-evaluation
 Raise expectations of the school and local community
 Proactive PR - celebrate success


 High quality teaching and learning
 Motivated staff
 High Performing Specialist School (HPSS)
 Popular and heavily oversubscribed
 National Support School
 National Leader Scheme
 Capacity for continued improvement

Current priorities

 Curriculum
 Learning and teaching
 Variation
 Capacity building
 Community voice
 Partnerships

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